Why Start.Do.Now.com ?

Greetings Boomers!

The Mission of Start.Do.Now.com is to inspire you to live your dreams…..Now….not ‘someday’.


Once upon a time I was the Postmaster of a tiny fishing village on the Oregon coast. The kind of place tourists visit and people write books about. It was magical.

Every day I found something new and wonderful. A historical tidbit, another jaw dropping vista, a new friend. One day I was sharing with a local customer about a particularly gorgeous, hidden, hiking trail that went right up to the ocean.

“Oh yeah,” she said hurriedly. “I’ve heard about that place. It sounds great. I’ll have to go someday.”

“You could go today,” I said hopefully.

“Oh no,” she exclaimed. “I’ve got too many chores to do. Besides,” she smiled wistfully… “someday I’ll go.”

I was dumbstruck. This wasn’t a young mother with a house full of kids. She was older than me and retired. Not only that, she had lived in that town for years and NEVER been there.

She had bought into a lie. The lie of Someday.


Just like the woman in that story, we’re all guilty of ‘someday’ thinking.


I’ll write that book

Start my own business

Take that class and learn to _______

Spend more time with the grandkids

Follow my dream to______________

This blog will attempt to pry you and I loose from some terribly destructive thinking and focus on how to discover, value and follow our dreams.

We’ll talk to people who found what their dreams are. We’ll ask them what steps they took forward. We’ll share tips and ideas and ‘how to’. We’ll even kill some sacred cows and have a cyber barbeque.

And we’ll change into what we’ve always wanted to be.

We’ll help each other START to DO.. the things we’ve only dreamed about.. NOW.


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Mike Wholey January 18, 2011 at 2:35 pm

Hope this finds you. You are one of the best people I have ever known in my life. I will never forget your parting words on the stairs in the barracks at Camp Zama.
Mike Wholey


Steve Prager January 18, 2011 at 4:43 pm

Mike! Great to hear from you. I still think of all the great words you taught me (“guitarists are inveterate noodlers”- so true!) and your marvelous, lyrical playing.

You’ve got me guessing! Please email me at ssprager@comcast.net. I hope I said something nice :)

Best to you! I heard you made 1st Sgt. Wow!


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