January 11, 2011

I just hit a big personal milestone. I finished a book I’ve been working on for  the last two years. Sent it to my editor. Whew! What a relief.  The project is tentatively called Zen Words and it’s a reference book in a niche as evergreen as dieting or true confessions. Zen Words…words that help you say [...]

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January 11, 2011

MIXED MOTIVES  New goals require new habits and sometimes our new goals mean we have to give up stuff we like. You know,…the bad stuff. At times like that, I look for a mixed motive. I’ve found they work best. Mixed motives get short shrift in the motivational world, or at least in my conscience. [...]

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January 9, 2011

Not so long ago, in a tiny village on the Oregon coast, a dreamer was stuck.  This man had a lot of ideas, schemes and plans for the future.  But he had a blind spot. It was like a little mole on the top of his head he couldn’t see. One day another man spoke [...]

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How to Make New Year’s Resolutions That Stick, Part 2

January 2, 2011

11 Ways to Make New Year’s Resolutions That Stick – Part Two OK,.we ‘re going to jump right into Part Deux Be a Plodder- Remember the tortoise and the hare? Be a plodder. A little bit done every day will reap big rewards. We’re conditioned to think we have to give everything our maximum effort, all [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions that Stick, Part 1

January 1, 2011

01.01.11 11 Ways to Make New Year’s Resolutions that Stick, Part 1 How do you make New Year’s resolutions that stick? Great question. I polled my Face Book friends about this and some said… “Don’t do it” or “Just lie to yourself.” The rest of the feedback from my network was about the same. NYRs don’t [...]

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10 Movies That Teach Us to Dream

December 30, 2010

Movies can teach us a lot about our dreams and what’s involved in the whole tricky process of living them out in the real world. Below are a few of my favorites along with the takeaways I’ve gleaned between trips to the kitchen for more popcorn. PS. Although I’ve given up on TV, I still enjoy [...]

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How to Easily and Radically Change your Life in 2011

December 28, 2010

HOW TO EASILY AND RADICALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 2011 Believe it. ONE small action on your part has the power to RADICALLY change your life in 2011. In one year, you can be a lot more like the person you’ve always wanted to be. This step will cost you Nothing….zilch….nada. It’s easy to do, [...]

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Do a Mini!

December 20, 2010

I believe our life/bucket lists can be divided into ‘minis’ and ‘maxis’. Minis are micro goals that you can accomplish quickly. Minis are a Great way to get your SDN (startdonow) juices flowing. (never underestimate the joy of little victories) For example,..this week I knocked out two minis. I created my own t-shirt design,online. It’s nothing [...]

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What does your Song sound like?

December 16, 2010

“Most men… go to the grave with the song still in them.”- Thoreau  Like most of us, I’m familiar with the beginning of Thoreau’s quote, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation”, but I missed the last part, “…and go to the grave with the song still in them.”  THE SONG IS YOU I believe [...]

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December 14, 2010

I turned 52 this year. Somehow, seemingly overnight, I’ve morphed from a young person with “time-i-i-ime on my side” to a grizzled, post middle age, post hip, techno challenged grump. Flip me over and my expiration date is closing fast. A true story: A good friend came to visit me the other day. We hadn’t [...]

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