Make your next weekend a SerenTripity!

by Steve Prager on June 5, 2011

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Cali-Nev SerenTripity

Ah,..the road trip! From Steinbeck and Kerouac to Easy Rider  and Little Miss Sunshine, the classic American road trip  has burned its tire marks into our nation’s psyche, especially the Boomer psyche.

We Boomers positively thrill to the idea of a classic road trip – cue Born to be Wild, pull on the Harley Davidson t-shirt and fire up the 3D version of Wild Hogs!

The problem is, we don’t take them much anymore! 

Oh sure, we travel. Disneyland, visit the grandkids, cruises. If we’re lucky, maybe a time share in Cabo. All important for sure (love those grandkids) but maybe a little too safe and predictable- hardly the spontaneous, exciting asphalt safaris our generation claimed as their heritage.


How can we get away from the comfortable and the familiar? Now that outlet malls are the #1 tourist destinations, can we flee the StarbucksNation of homogeneous strip malls and experience a real pulse- quickening adventure?

I say we can! Check this out:

SerenTripity n. An adventure-filled road trip with no definite goal; serendipitous travel with a sense of joyous abandon.


To get a better grip on Serentripity and what the concept can mean , let’s imagine two very different weekends for our neighbors, John and Mary:

Trip 1: John and Mary script a quick freeway trip to a popular theme park. They fly down the highway, entombed in their air-conditioned palace on wheels, numb to the scenery; other cars and billboards. Meals consist of  freeway food. Their time in WallyWorld is crowded, expensive and ultimately forgetable. Typical 21st century boomer travel-Ugh!

Trip 2: John and Mary have no definite plan. After the car is loaded with  enough supplies for a weekend and the gas tank is filled they set out on a local wooded highway they’ve always wanted to explore. When John and Mary come to a crossroads, they choose the most appealing path. When something  pleases or intrigues, they pull over and particpate.  Over a single weekend, John and Mary sample roadside fruit, hike to a waterfall, get lost, discover quaint towns, sleep in a 50′s theme motel, ride a ferry across a wild river and make forever memories. Serendipity + your trip = SerenTripity!


As you can see, SerenTripity doesn’t have a lot of rules, only suggestions:

SerenTripity works best with only a vague outline of  a destination, a desire to travel over new roads, room to change direction at will and time to stop and discover whatever grabs your fancy.

TRY a SerenTripity this weekend. We’ll all be with you in spirit!

FULL DISCLOSURE- my wife and I are in the middle of a Cali-Nevada SerenTripity. Today we followed California Highway 89 (a road we’d never been on before) up out of Lake Tahoe through alpine meadows, waterfalls and the mighty Sierras. We finally landed in a Super 8 in Red Bluff, CA.

Have you ever taken a SerenTripity? What was it like? 

PS. Many thanks to Stan, Kent, Joe, Pat and Jeff for teaching how to go dirt roadin’ some many years ago.

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