In Praise of the Ukulele

by Steve Prager on May 22, 2011 is all about dusting off  the dreams we’ve shelved and pursuing our passions Now, not later. Sadly, a common mislaid goal is the dream of playing a musical instrument. 

A lot of folks I meet tell me they played an instrument once and then somehow they got discouraged or too busy and the guit/sax/fiddle ended up in the back of the closet next to the exercise equipment and the Tony Robbins cassettes.

Listen all you discouraged pickers,…you backslidden piano students,…you vexed sousaphonists. There’s a better, easier way.


I come today…..In Praise of the lowly Ukulele.


The Uke is the answer for the discouraged musician…

 The friend of the frustrated strummer….

Heaven’s gift to the wannabe rock star!

Open your mind and read on.


1. It’s Easy to Play- the Uke has soft nylon strings that don’t hurt tender fingers. The neck is small and easy to manage.The chords are a breeze to grab.

2. The Uke has a Happy Sound- no one can be depressed for long when they play a Uke. It’s open strings form a perky 6th chord.

3. It’s Very Portable- the Uke is lightweight and almost indestructible. Take it to the beach, camping, or downtown to Starbucks.  Wherever you go, you’ll be the musical star you were meant to be.

4. It’s Inexpensive to Own- a good Uke can be purchased for under a $100 and will last like a bad cold in June.

5. The Uke is Hip - the Ukulele is in the middle of it’s 3rd revival in the last 100 years. Forget Tiny Tim- think Ryan Gosling!

6. Ukulele Clubs are Everywhere- even my little town has a club. The Uke brings out the best in people (unlike the guitar) and is suited for mass strumming and non-competitive fun.

7. It only takes 2 Chords to Get Started- grab your laptop and Google 2 chord songs. It’s amazing what you can do with C and G7!

8. No Picks or fancy Accoutrements Required- you can strum your Uke with that big old thumb of yours!

 Are you convinced?  Ready to give it a try???

SDN baby steps: Visit your local music store, try out a uke and sign up with a good teacher for a lesson or two…OR, Goggle ukulele + your zip code and see if there is a local ukulele association in your area. These groups are friendly, encouraging and offer loaner ukes and a quick lesson. Here’s some links for all you Oregon folks:


Making FUN music is NOW in your grasp.

TODAY is the day to jumpstart your musical dreams……. Start.Do.Now!


 Email me with your questions or leave a comment below……


“Grab your Uke and play away….blow those small town Blues away!”

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Kevin Gage May 23, 2011 at 7:44 am

Hearing a uke always puts a smile on my face! : )


Steve Prager May 23, 2011 at 6:57 pm

Thanks Kevin! I’m surprised you haven’t added the uke to your list of instruments to master :)


Jim Scarle May 23, 2011 at 7:13 pm

I like it, Steve. Have you ever toyed with a mandolin? I love the sound of those and may take the leap when finances allow it.


Steve Prager May 25, 2011 at 8:18 pm

Jim, great comment. My friend Kevin plays an electric mandolin. It only has 4 strings. The tuning of the mandolin (violin tuning) drives me crazy, but the mandolin is a great instrument.

Be sure and keep us updated on your progress!


Susan, the copywriter/editor May 24, 2011 at 3:26 pm

Love this piece! I bought a uke 2 years ago in self-defense, after Dave got his 17th guitar. I like how you can play C just like that…and sadly, I’ve gone no further. But it looks lovely on the wall. Now I’ll have to try again…
Susan, the copywriter/editor recently posted..Writing words- Does listening to music help or hinder


steve May 26, 2011 at 9:36 am


Great! The uke compliments the guitar very nicely. I have a great little chord chart and some song books I could send you :)


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